SIGN OF LIFE  by Eddie Shiffler

God doubted my existence,
And I began to disappear
As my heart began to slow, oh no
My flesh was turning clear
And the world began to crumble
Everything was going wrong
So I shined a sign of life
With the passion of my song

I shined a sign of life
I shined a sign of life

Now, listen:
When you're deep in dark despair
No one else but you is there
Do you fear you've lost your melody? No!
Can't tell the day from night
Gotta change the dark to light
With a little music alchemy
There ain't a gun that can shoot this down
No force of nature can turn me round, 
No, you can't stop what I was born to do, no
Ain't no government to tell me I'm wrong
Ain't another man that can write my song, girl
Cause to mine own self be true, and you know it's true, cause

I shined a sign of life
I shined a sign of life
Know me, know me, know me now!
Cause I shined a little sign of life
Straight to the heavens now,
I Shine a sign of life
Oh yeah, hear me shining now!

I shine a sign,
Lord, I shine a sign
Don't you know I shine a sign
Of life
Oh yeah Life
Shine that shine
Won't you shine a little sign
Won't you shine that sign
Of Life.

RATTLING CHAINS   by Eddie Shiffler

I hurt my brain
I lost my mind
Somewhere on this train
On an underground line
I cursed my brothers
With malice and scorn
I killed my mother
The night I was born
Abandoned my lovers
Forsaken my friends
Spent all the money
I refused to lend
Scorched all the Earth
Stole all the land
Had millions of babies
Who all were unplanned

There ain't no coming back from this
And there ain't nobody I miss
I got Rattling Chains

No one can know
All the miles that I walked
Hell that I sowed
With the shit that I talked
No one can know
All the slaves that were sold
Trying to turn iron chains
Into wings of gold
My head is on fire
My body's a ghost
My soul is for hire
To the one who pays most
Born in the blood
Of alchemical sin
I always lose
Before I begin

There ain't no coming back from this
And there ain't nobody I miss
I got Rattling Chains
Rattling Chains

The Circle   by Eddie Shiffler

... and when the flowers die,
The seeds are buried in the ground
And in the spring time
New fields of life will abound

Do it, do it, do it for love, yeah

And when the leaves are rolling
The tree is still surely growing
And when the chilling winds are blowing
The sign of life is surely still showing
And so the day 
Shall never fear the night
Because the darkness will recede, yeah
From even the smallest light

My baby, You know I do it for love

The seeds will fall into the mud, yeah
The baby's birth is bathed in blood, yeah
In war a nation will be born, now
In love your soul is truly torn, now

And so, the mystery
Is now plain to see
Rebirth is the key
To immortality

... and so, now you know
Your time will come to face the ground
You'll ride the circle
Back to the other side of town.